Buy Local

Why Buy Local

  • Read Mayor Marvin's explanation of the economic implications of local spending, in which she describes a data-based correlation between local spending and its impact on property taxes, municipal services, and property values :
  • Virtues of buying locally:
    • #1: Village Character –The unique landscape of the Bronxville business community is a beloved asset that is well worth preserving. Bronxville is differentiated from surrounding communities by having such a high concentration of locally owned, independent businesses, the owners of which take as much pride in Bronxville as our residents do. Many of our merchants have been in Bronxville for 20, 30, 40 years or more and are true stalwarts of the community.
    • #2: Economic Ripple Effect – Local independents employ an array of supporting services that can include contractors, accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, graphic designers, PR professionals, and more. Thus, the economic benefits of supporting these businesses ripple throughout the community.
    • #3: Distinct Merchandise - Visit the business district of almost any neighboring community and notice how much alike they are. From one town to the next, you’ll spot the same stores again and again. You can escape the retail sameness by supporting independently owned merchants. They make different buying decisions than the giant chains.
    • #4: Our Businesses Give Back – Our local businesses support everything we do. Remember the businesses that supported your school fundraiser? Remember the merchants who donated goods and gift certificates for all those auctions and raffles you participated in? Remember the discounts you were given because you’re a valued customer? Remember the stores that adjusted their hours to accommodate your schedule? Now compare these practices with those at a large chain store or in other communities.
    • #5: People. When you support local, independent businesses, you support local, independent people. Get to know your local merchant and you’ll get to know a neighbor—often a single proprietor or a family-owned business. Support a local business and you’ll help a Westchester-based family send their kids to college, pay off their mortgage, and—get this—spend their own money locally. These are people who care about and support your community. It’s mutual.
    • #6: Feel it...see it...smell it.... There’s no substitute for the five senses when choosing items for purchase. How many times did you mail-order an item only to find: It doesn’t isn’t flattering...the dimensions aren’t what they seemed...the colors don’t match the décor/wardrobe...the shoes are uncomfortable...the material is flimsy... When you shop right here in Bronxville, you get to handle the item in question and know exactly what you’re getting, reducing the need for returns. But if you do need to return something, there’s no need for bubble wrap and waiting on line at the post office—just pop into town and go straight to the source.
    • #7: Customer Service – Nowhere can you get the same personal attention than you do here in town. Store owners take great pride in helping you identify the perfect item, special-order what you want, grant discounts because you’re a valued customer, adjust their hours to accommodate your schedule, have your gifts wrapped and ready for pickup, deliver locally, and more. In this 1-square-mile village, our business owners go the extra mile.
    • #8: Instant Gratification – Never mind next-day shipping—buy it in Bronxville and have it that instant!