Bronxville Farmers’ Market


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  1. Yolanda Payne says:

    Hello I live in the Bronx and I am looking for farmers markets in the winter time. I wanted to know the full address of this farmers market and if it is open all winter or is it just open on the dates listed above? (January 28, February 25, March 31 and April 28). Thank you for your help

    • RuthWood says:

      Hi Yolanda,
      The winter Farmers’ Market is only open on the four Saturdays listed. It will be worth
      the trip for you – our vendors are great!

  2. Farmers Market Fan says:

    I think its great that we get to have these vendors come to Bronxville through the winter! Thanks for hosting them at the Pondfield Building.

    It would be great to get some outdoor banners or signage, even if it is on the day of the market, so that it will catch the eye of more people who will come in and support the vendors!

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